Sell or Donate?

One of my blog post readers wrote in and asked, "Do you have any tips on whether to just sell the clutter I'm letting go of online or donate it? I think I should sell the stuff because it's worth money. But I haven't done it. The stuff's just sitting around. What should I do?"

I suggest you do what suits your nature.

Do you enjoy going online and selling things? Is it a pleasure to set up the page on ebay or Craigslist, take and download photos of the stuff, write the copy, read the responses, and then ship it out to the buyer?

Or would it be simpler for you to donate the stuff?

I have clients who told me they had hung on to stuff they wanted to let go of for months, sometimes years, with the sincere desire to sell the stuff. They keep telling themselves, "Yeah, I'll get around to it." But they didn't do it. Planning to sell the clutter was clutter for them because it didn't get the stuff out of their home or life.

Plus they got a constant reminder, like I'm sure you do, every time they saw the stuff they wanted to sell, "Oh, here's something I'm not doing. I want to do that. I need to do that. I should do that." Overtime that's debilitating.

They decided it would be easier on them to donate their unwanted things.

I think it would be simpler for you to donate these things too since it appears that the selling doesn't come naturally to you. It would be easier on you to take an action you can simply do and complete now. You could load up the things you are letting go of into you car, and then take a drive over to a charity storefront, or to a charity drop off bin, and let it go. I think it would give you a huge sense of relief. The clutter would be out of your life and you wouldn't have to think about it anymore. Plus you would get the good feeling of helping others.

Lastly, you say that the items you are letting go of are valuable, however no matter how much they are worth, your time and your sense of well-being are more valuable.