The Expert on You

Like my clients, there are times in which I lose perspective on what I like and don't like. Sometimes I find myself wanting to seek the advice of experts.

Like with my lung condition, I go to different people in the health field, and my experience is that they often contradict each other. So I get confused. When I get confused, I shut down. Then rather than seeking advice, I feel like I just want one of them to give me the magic information, "This is what you should do, and this will take care of everything."

But that doesn't happen; it's pure fantasyland. So what I'm left with, when things get quiet in my mind, is asking "What feels like the right thing?" Then I sit and listen. When I feel clarity, it becomes "I'll just do this."

I think what works is to take time to acknowledge the confusion, let the confusion dissipate, and then see what comes up. The experts know things that are useful generally, about most people's health. And that's why I ask them for their advice. But once I get it, and let the confusion drop away, I end up knowing specifically about what I need to do.

In a sense, I become the expert on me. And that's what I want to encourage you to do -- you know what fits and what doesn't, what you love and what you don't. When the confusion falls away, the answer will appear, arising from your expert knowledge of how you specifically work and play best.