Focus on What's In Front of You

It doesn't matter how long your clutter situation has been this way. It's unimportant that you think you should have done something about it before now.

It helps to start fresh. There's you. There's your living space. And there are the things in it that are causing you some kind of pain.

You're not the bad person here. The culprits are the things, people and activities in your life that don't fit you. That's all you need to be concerned about.

A recent client told me with great shame how long she'd been living with the clutter. She added to the shame by telling me she was bad for not having done something about the situation sooner.

I suggested she let go of the shame, and use that energy to go after the stuff in her home that was causing her grief. She asked how she could do that. I said that I had no judgement about her clutter situation. I was there to help her remove what was holding her back. She could follow my lead. She liked that idea.

When you clutter bust, there's no need to attack yourself. Devote your energies to the stuff in front of you.