The Openness

I had an eye-opening experience with the Huffington-Post. They invited me to write some blog posts for their Home section. I sent them some of my old clutter busting posts. They posted one I wrote about book clutter. I got a tremendous amount of comments. Many wrote defensively about their books. I think I struck a nerve.

I tried to respond to some of the defensive comments, but I was feeling agitated. I stopped to check in on what was going on. I realized that I'm not interested in trying to convince someone to get rid of their clutter. It would be clutter for me to try and do so. I write these posts and my books for people that are already interested in clutter busting. I write to encourage those that want help.

I've learned from experience that I can't make someone clutter bust. If a person is not open to it, nothing I can say helps. There has to be an openness on a person's part. It's that openness that allows a person to see what fits and doesn't fit their life.

It's like that line from the Leonard Cohen song Anthem, "There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."