Under the Influence of Clutter

There's a tremendous relief that comes in letting of something that's not serving you.

What you let go of can be a thing, a person, or an activity. When you set it free from your life, you feel a missing part of you come back.

I remember one client who had been depressed for awhile. She had given up thinking that she would be able to do anything with her clutter. She hired me as a last-ditch effort. After working for a few days, things started to shift. On the last day, she felt so good that she invited her friends over so they could notice how happy she was feeling. They came by as we were finishing up. They couldn't believe how peaceful and alive she looked. They said it was nice to have her back. 

If you're feeling stuck and tired and not wanting to start to clutter bust, you might want to tell yourself that's because you are under the influence of the clutter. It's like the clutter has made you sick. If you spend even a small amount of time clutter busting, you'll start to feel better as you let the clutter go.

By letting go of clutter, you let go of a major source of tension. With that open space, your vitality comes back in to you. I encourage you to create this space so you can start feeling better today!