I've found that the deepest satisfaction in life comes from giving, not getting.  My experience when I do a giving thing is it resonates with me all day. When I give, I get so much back. Its immediate and satisfying. Even though I gave to someone else rather than me, I get fed and I feel sated.

That's one of the reasons why I write these blog posts. It feels really good to give and help in this way. I recently got an email from someone thanking me for something I'd written. I'm still feeling good from that and it was over a week ago!

One of my influences to give came to me a ways back from a story a friend told me about his dad. His father used to be the CEO of a big company. He was an extremely wealthy man. Once when he and his dad were driving somewhere, his dad spotted a person living on the street and pulled over. His dad got out of the car and spoke with the person. He ended up giving the person a $100 and got back in the car. As they drove away, my friend's father said to him that he gave that person money because it felt good to give. He wanted his son to recognize the power of giving.

I thought, this guy could buy anything he wanted. But he bought the giving because that's what made him feel good. Not happy, like in a giddy, "Look what I got" way. But I could feel his satisfaction. It had an impact on me.

I'm writing this post to remind myself as much as to encourage you.

If you're feeling stuck in your stuff, I encourage you to find a personal way to give that speaks to you. It can help bring you clarity, and raise your spirits. I was going to offer suggestions, but no one knows better than you.

Afterwards, share your experience here if you'd like. We all benefit from each others' experiences.