Plugging Back In

The thing I like about clutter busting is that you consider yourself first in the decision making process. You sit with your stuff and just consider one thing at a time based on how it affects you. You are saying, "I'm important to myself. I want to be more comfortable in my life. I want less tension. Is this thing going to support me in my life now, or not?"

It's also a way to encourage and invite out self-nurturing in other areas of your life. I've had clients tell me that after clutter busting they were more patient and kind with themselves. One client said, "I felt like I was listening to myself for the first time, and I don't want to lose that connection."

Our most intimate connection is with ourselves. If we are harsh with ourselves, we shrivel. If we are kind, we light up and grow.

Being kinder to ourselves might take a little getting used to. We can get habituated to being self-critical and not question what we're doing. But the purpose of this blog is to call into question anything in our life that is no longer supporting us. If we take an honest look at being hard on ourselves, we begin to break that habit.

So we move forward. We consider ourselves during our day. We learn to ask, "What do I need now?" "Is there something I want to stop doing?" We get interested in what we have to say.

Yesterday, I began feeling like I was trying to do too much. So I sat down, closed my eyes, and felt like I was being plugged back in. It didn't take very long. Maybe ten minutes. I felt my strength and peace of mind again. I realized things that I could stop doing. That made it simpler to finish up the things that were important to me.