I was talking with a friend of mine. She helps people through counseling. She told me she had been having some personal troubles and decided to speak to a counselor. She said afterwards she felt guilty about getting the help. It was easy for her to help others, but not easy to ask for and receive help.

I told her sometimes I feel that myself. For the past week I've been getting some medical help for my lung condition. At first I felt resistant to having friends come and visit and bring me things. I thought they might feel inconvenienced. I took a closer look and realized there was no evidence to support my friends feeling resentful in anyway. So I called them, and they've been happily coming by.

I told my friend who visited that we're not strongly encouraged to take care of ourselves emotionally. But I think loving ourselves and letting ourselves be loved is as needed as food and sleep. It's as okay to take care of ourselves as it is to take care of a friend or even a stranger in need. 

I said that I was glad my friend took care of herself. My friend said she was glad I was taking care of myself.