The Big Energy Suck

My clutter radar always went off around my girlfriend's piano.

It was 100 years old and looked it. It was pretty beat up. Some of the keys were dead. When you played it, it felt like it was being imposed on. It was a hulking dead weight and took up a lot of space in her living room. Like most clutter, it was always covered up with lots of stuff. No one ever hung around that part of the room. The piano was a big energy suck. Everything around it flowed heavy and dark.

The piano had a scar on it where my girlfriend's father, when he was a kid, had purposely scratched it with his cello bow. She said, "He was angry at himself for not being good at cello, but the piano belonged to his dad. Deep down my father was angry at his dad for being cruel to him when he was young."

I asked my girlfriend whether she still liked and used the piano, or was ready to let it go.

My girlfriend had originally inherited the piano from her grandfather. I asked her about that. She said, "It was the only thing he gave me, so I'd better keep it."

But she went on. "Okay, there's more. I remember the good things about him -- his tenderness and wisdom -- but they don't come to mind when I see the piano. What comes to mind is the anger my father felt for him, and my anger at my grandfather for not being a good father to my dad."

I said, "It's funny how clutter could be in one place for so long and not be noticed. And then suddenly, one day...."

She decided to let go of the piano. She called a musician friend to offer it to him. He asked if he could just strip some of the piano for a project he was working on. She agreed. After that the piano looked bare and less dominant in the room. But it still had that feeling of darkness; it was still sucking energy. So my girlfriend hired some guys to come and take the rest of the piano to the dump.

"I wonder if I should say goodbye or have a ritual or something?" She asked. But instead, she just quietly let it go. She was already done with it.

The piano was gone. The space felt open and amazing. It was like it was a brand new room. My girlfriend moved the couch that had originally been squished in the corner by the piano into the new space. The couch and space came to life.

My girlfriend was so happy with the space that she put up birthday stuff for my party this weekend!