The Clutter of Time

The things we have in our lives are often dictated by what we think the future holds for us. A lot of my clients have stuff that they've been hanging onto because they bought it with the idea that in the future, they'd use it. After several years, they haven't used the stuff or they just don't care about it anymore.
What it all comes down to is that everything we have right now is all that we have. The people in our lives, the stuff in our houses, the activities we did today -- those are all that matters. They are a complement to what is actually happening; what actually is.

The clothes that are in your closet are the ones that you wear. The people you see during the day are the people that you know.

Of course there is some shit around that isn't being used -- clothes you don't wear, people you don't talk to -- but that's what clutter busting is for. We root that stuff out so you can enjoy the only stuff that matters, the things that are part of your life now.

It's a leap of faith because it requires you to not be heavilty invested in the future, and to not hang onto things to keep a stranglehold on the memories of the past. Instead, as you clutter bust you let go of that involvement with the future and the past, so you can embrace the stuff that matters to you. That's the only place to feel satisfied.

From working with thousands of people, I can say that people take the monkey off their backs when they rid themselves of these anchors to the past and the future, so they can live with what they love now. When the future does happen, you'll be ready for it because you will be less distracted by all the mementos from the past and all the "shoulds" and "maybes" you projected into the future.

I want to encourage you to take that deeper look, so that you can fall in love with the life you have right now.