The Spark

I remember a woman who invited me over to help her with her home office. There were so many pieces of paper on the desk that you couldn't see the desk. She had a lot of old electronics that she was no longer using. There were a lot of books and magazines laying about, and tucked away. Plus other miscellaneous stuff.

She frustratingly called her office her rat's nest. I asked her what animal she likes. She said panther. I said this was her panther's lair.

She said, "A panther wouldn't live like this." I asked how a panther would live. She said with vitality, "Sparse."

That was the spark. I said let's see what we could do about that.

I handed her one paper after another and asked if she needed to do something with it, or could it go. At first she acted with uncertainty. But after about fifteen minutes she got her wits about her. Many pieces of paper got shredded or recycled. Some were filed. Some were filled out and mailed. 

My client started noticed that she was functioning with greater clarity and energy. This gave her more confidence to keep going.

Four hours later she had her panther lair. She said that it was easier than she thought. I said the thinking and laboring over it made it insurmountable. But by beginning and moving with the momentum from there she was able to take care of herself and take back her space.

Is there a supportive name or image for your living space that inspires you? Do you feel a spark when you think about your home or office in this way? What's something you can do now as a first step towards giving yourself that space?