From Sacred to Trash

It helps to consider yourself first during the clutter bust.

The stuff can be intimidating. It has a way of seeming self-important. It hypnotized you into thinking to leave it alone.

But when you consider yourself first, the stuff starts to lose its sway. Suddenly it's a bunch of things whose presence is bothering you.

I worked with some clients who told me that their son's room would not be part of the clutter bust. I asked why. They said their son had moved out to go to college two years ago and they felt it was important to leave his things untouched.

I opened the door to their son's room and discovered a four foot high wall of their son's stuff covered with pieces of stryofoam. My clients put the styrofoam there so they wouldn't have to look at his stuff. It turns out they didn't like that his stuff was there, but they felt it was the right to honor his things.

I asked how far away he moved. They said an hour away. I asked if he ever comes and gets things. They said no. He bought all new stuff.

I asked my clients to call their son and ask if we could clutter bust his space. They were nervous that he might be upset with him but called him anyway. Their son mentioned three things he wanted them to save, but the rest could go.

My clients went into their son's room and began putting things in bags with great passion. It was as if they had been set free from some great restriction. It's amazing to see the effect in someone when some thing switches from being sacred to becoming trash.

My clients cleared out the room. They found the three items their son wanted to keep. They vacuumed the carpet and then began moving their own stuff in there. They began talking with glee about all the things they wanted to do with the space. 

Is there something in your space that you are making sacred but you actually don't care for anymore? Would you be willing to let this thing go? Please feel free to share your experiences. We all learn from each other.