To my readers

This is the hardest and easiest blog post for me to write. I've been writing this blog regularly for three and a half years. I've really enjoyed sharing insights with you. I've tried to keep my posts short, simple, encouraging and kind so that you can take bits of wisdom that are right for you and use them in your life.

As much as I've enjoyed sharing these insights from my work as a clutter buster, I just today realized that until further notice, I need to stop writing this blog. In fact, I realized this morning that I need to clutter bust every activity that I do that is focused on healing others.

I need to do this because I need to do some deep healing for myself. My health is in critical condition. My lungs are having a very difficult time, and I am working with several top pulmonologists to fix them.

I realized this morning that my life is focused around healing others, and even now, when it is difficult for me to take each breath, I am still worried that people won't love me if I don't try to heal them.

I really like the idea of taking care of myself. It's funny, because I'm always encouraging you to do that and to remove anything from your life that's not supporting you. I repeat it every day! But right now, efforts to heal others are not supporting me in my recovery.

I still want to do the healing for others, even though I know it doesn't help me. But I see the toll it takes because it exhausts me when I'm not feeling well.

So it feels better to let go of this.

I'll keep my blog and website up. Everything's in there -- you can go back for years and get lots of good information. Or you can read my books. I wish you well.

My girlfriend has organized a group of family and friends who visualize healthy lungs and a healthy body for me. At 9pm central time (Chicago time), from all over the world, they all join together for a minute or two and visualize that I can hike and walk around freely; that I am healthy and thriving. Some of them have their phone alarms set so they don't forget.

To me, it feels like a gift to have people sending me healing intentions. If you feel like you would like to join this circle, you don't need to do anything but start doing the prayer/visualization whenever you remember. I know many of you will join this group, and I thank you in advance for your love and support.