Your Voice

I remember a client initially feeling very doubtful about letting things go. She looked down a lot and scrunched her eyes so she wasn't seeing much. She was speaking fast and fretful so the quieter knowing part wasn't getting a chance to speak up. She seemed blank on the inside. She seemed like she was possessed by the world.

I picked up a box of stuff and had her come out to the backyard with me. She followed me out there and we sat down on the grass.

I had my client lay back and look up at the sky. I asked her to tell me about the big cloud above us. I did this to help jump start the process from a gentler place. She was silent for a little bit. Then she told me among other things the cloud's name, how it recently had flown here from Antarctica, and that it one day wants to be in a Broadway show.

I asked my client to sit up. She looked open and alive. The light in her eyes said that she was present. I asked if we could go through the things in the box and see what we could find that she no longer liked and used. She said that would be okay. She was able to be present with each item that we went through and she was able to make decisions.

She was so much lighter without the world in her.

When you work on your own, find a way to begin that helps you reconnect with yourself. What could you do that would help bring out your voice?