Brooks Palmer Update from Julia

Hello devoted Brooks Palmer appreciators!

I will let Brooks tell you the full story in his time and in his way, but he wanted me to let you know a few things.

Brooks miraculously received two beautiful new lungs on June 28. After being in the hospital for five days (and we were very afraid we'd lose him), and being on life support for 5 hours, he received the gift of life via a double lung transplant.

The recovery was bumpy at first but now he seems well on the way to coming home. He can't type yet, so he wanted me to write this for him.

He wants you all to know how much he's appreciated your prayers and thoughts for his health. He has posted this video for family, friends, and you:

Be sure to turn up the volume when you watch it; he still can't use his full voice yet.

Next message I am hoping will be from Brooks himself.

Thank you so much for your support.

Here's to new hope!

--Julia Mossbridge, Brooks' partner