It Takes the Time It Takes

Sometimes I get impatient with my recovery. I can imagine being more well than I am, and because I can think it, I think it's possible right now. But that doesn't help me. My intuition keeps coming back to, "It takes the time it takes."

I'm discovering it helps to honor my process. It's a lot like watching a tree grow and noticing new leaves and branches. Sometimes I need a helpful reminder from my partner or friends.

I think it comes down to learning to love myself in the midst of life regardless of what I'm accomplishing or not. I've told this to a lot of my clients. They think they should be further in their progress of decluttering, which makes them feel bad. It helps to be reminded that you're enough where you are. Acknowledging this won't take away the incentive to grow.

So I notice that I'm able to walk without a cane, even though I can't run yet. I am aware of how well I breathe, even though I get out of breath sometimes.

It's getting out of the habit of being critical as a way to motivate myself, and it's bringing in kindness to take its place.