You Are Enough

Someone asked me if as a result of having a lung transplant I felt differently about life and would choose to do something bigger. I told them that I don't have any ambitions toward greater actions, but I do feel grateful for being alive. I love that my heart beats. I love that my lungs breathe. As my partner Julia says, "The simple beingness is the story."

Life feels like enough. It's alive. That doesn't mean I always like what's happening. But more often than not, I feel the pulse of life amidst what's happening.

A reader sent me an email today with a link to a song written by her friend, called "You Are Enough." I listened to it and it resonated with me. It even brought some tears. Here is the link she sent (scroll down to find the song) in case you want to listen.

This whole experience of realizing that I am already enough reminds me of when I used to work with clients and they had an initial resistance to letting go. A part of their self-worth was tied into what they owned, even if they didn't love or use it anymore.

When I would work with them, I felt like they were enough without the stuff. As people, they felt very whole to me. Having that awareness helped me help them see themselves in a different light. "I'm okay without this __________ (fill in the blank.)"

Now my clients are doing the same thing for me. What a gift. Thank you.