Go For the Gut Reaction

My partner clutter busted the hat area of our home. She asked me about two baseball caps and I easily said I liked them. But then she asked me if I liked a hat her dad had given me a few weeks ago. I immediately said, "No." I surprised myself. A few thoughts passed through my head, "I should keep this hat because it was a gift from her dad." "Maybe I should give it another thought."

But it was clear from the simplicity and honesty of the, "No" that this hat had no place in my life. I didn't love it. It was tan and I don't like tan hats. Plus I hadn't worn the hat since I received it as a gift. So we donated the hat.

When we hang on to items that we don't care for, that are not a living, actual part of our life, we create entropy in our living space. Things that don't get used create a dullness in the space. They create a stagnant feeling that extends through the home, spoiling the things that we love and use.

Just because something was a gift doesn't create an exception to the rule. Our first responsibility is to creating a peaceful space for ourselves. Go with the feeling of certainty. Trust your gut reaction.