I'm looking to get my clutter busting phone/Skype session business up and running. I've decided to create a special offer. From now until December 5th, I'm offering the first hour for only $25. My usual rate is $95 an hour.

If you've been considering having a clutter busting session with me and you haven't gotten around to it, now's the time to contact me! This is a good opportunity to let go of those things in your home and life that are no longer serving you.

I was working with a client recently who found herself hanging on to a plastic container with mini-compartments that were meant to hold screws, nails and tacks. It was a gift from her father. Her dad was adept with tools and always doing home repairs. But she wasn't that way. She hadn't used the container in the two years since she'd had it.

My client clutched the container as if it was a heavy burden. I said that she wasn't her father. It was her home and she would feel better if she lived according to her nature. She admitted that whenever she needed something fixed in her home, she would hire someone and they would bring their own tools, screws and nails. She put the container in the donate pile. She looked so much lighter. She was free.

To contact me about setting up a phone or Skype clutter busting session, email me at