Since you're reading this, there must be a part of you that no longer wants to live with clutter. What a great place to be! You're tired of living with things that are no longer a part of your life.

That's the starting point. It's the pain of living with clutter that can give you the momentum to begin to let go.

The best way to start is simply. Pick a small area and begin to question the things in that area. Bring your curiosity with you. "Do I actually like and use this thing, or can I let it go?"

As you begin letting go, you start to have gratitude for the new space you are creating. The pain is going away and it's being replaced with the feeling of freedom.

As you let go, you also become more thankful for the things you do care for and use. The things you love come to the forefront. When you are no longer weighed down by clutter, you appreciate the people, and activites and things that matter.

That's a living, breathing Thanksgiving. May you start to live this in your life.