A Current Life

Today's client told me she wanted to have a current life. She wanted to live with just the things that she liked and used. She was tired of living amidst things she forgot about, thought she should use, or felt emotionally stuck about.

I said the way to have a current life was by questioning her things to see if they made her feel present, supported and happy or not.

She said she felt overwhelmed by the amount of work she thought it would take to go through her things.

I said that the thinking about going through her things and the amount of time it would take wouldn't serve her. It would keep her stuck and out of the moment and feeling badly.

I said the way to have a current life is by taking action now. There's something energizing about the process of asking of each thing, "Do I like and use this, or can I let it go." You are asking how you feel about some thing now.