Asking the Deeper Questions

Today's client was overwhelmed with the papers in her home office. She hadn't been able to get herself to sit down and take an honest inventory.

I said that it had probably become a habit for her to live with the papers the way they were. She'd been living with these papers for a while. It can initially be hard to change a habit. That's was one of the reasons she was feeling resistance.

I said that today we would bring in the new approach of going through each piece of paper and asking questions about whether or not it had a real place in her life now. We were looking for what had a freshness for her.

As we went through each piece of paper, it became apparent that she was hanging on to many of the papers because she thought she should. When we think we should hang on to something, we stop the deeper questioning. It's as if that item has been given immunity from clutter busting.

You break the hold of clutter when you consider that no thing is sacred. What truly matters is if something in your life serves you. Do you love, use and need it now?

My client didn't like that she was being influenced by shoulds. She began asking the deeper questions about the papers and found that many of them had no place in her life. She began letting go of those papers.