Clutter Are Things that Don't Suit Us

There was something wrapped in a plastic bag on my client's bed. I asked her what was in the bag. She unwrapped the bag and revealed health magazines. She didn't look happy.

I asked her if she read them. She said she should because she thought the articles could give her useful information. I said there are no should's in clutter busting. Nothing is useful for everyone.

She looked over at her bookcase and started talking excitedly about her books on health. She said she'd used the books for years and gotten great benefits.

I said that it sounded like it was her nature to use the health books, and it was against her nature to read the health magazines, When something supports our life, it suits our nature. When something doesn't suit our nature, it's clutter.

That's why when clutter busting it's helpful to notice our reactions to the things in our life. How we respond tells us whether a person, activity or thing supports us or not.