I'm glad to be alive.

As you probably know, I almost died six months ago. I had a lung disease that made it increasingly more difficult to breathe. At the last possible moment for me to stay alive, I got a lung transplant. The doctors were amazed I survived. So was I.

Afterwards I got the sense that being alive is the biggest thing that I have. Without having aliveness, I can't experience anything. If I were dead, all the things, people and activities of my life would be worthless.

I sit here now with the feeling that I have life. But I sense on a deeper level that life has me. Life is bigger than me and for some reason, it decided to keep me alive and experiencing life. 

This experience of life having me has refreshed my desire to continue working as a clutter buster. I want to help people let go of things that keep them from experiencing being alive.

When I was working with a client last week, I asked, as usual, "Do you love and use this thing, or can you let it go?" I thought to myself, "Why do we waste our time with something that diminishes our connection to life?"

It seems to me that becoming more aware of being alive is a thing in itself.