Lots of people have been taking me up on my special for phone clutter busts. ($25 for the first hour). It feels great to be working a lot! There are three more days left for the sale in case you would like to take me up on the offer. The clutter bust can be scheduled for anytime after December 5th.

Today's phone client needed some help decluttering her purse. She complained about how heavy it was.

I had her dump her purse out on her bed. It can help to see everything at once. You can do this with purses, wallets, drawers, etc. When you see how much stuff has been hidden away, you may feel inspired to truly let go.

My client and I went through one piece at a time. I kept asking her, "Do you need this or can we let it go?" Much of the purse's contents were papers that she no longer needed. She tossed those. She found old medications that she didn't need anymore. There were gum wrappers. There was an empty container of sun cream, as well as ear buds for her phone that she didn't need to keep in her purse. There were some other misc. unnecessary items.  All of these things were either tossed or put in the place where she could use them.

When we were done, I had her put the things she was keeping back in her purse. I then asked her to hold the purse and asked how it felt. She was amazed how much lighter it was.

What can you clutter bust that would make your life lighter?