Seeing the Situation for What It Really Is

My client said, "I shouldn't have let things get this bad."

I said it wasn't her fault. She was thinking that something was wrong with her. But the truth was that she was a person with a large amount of things that were no longer serving her.

The self-blame was adding something to the pile of things that were not making her life a better place to be.

The criticism is not a necessary part of clutter busting. Unfortunately it is part of our culture. We're taught that we need to be harsh on ourselves to motivate change. It ends up making us shut down.

What's first required to clutter bust is recognizing that something doesn't feel right in our living space. There's a feeling of the presence of things that don't fit our life. There's stuff in our home that we aren't using that is getting in the way of the things that we love and use. 

By letting go of the guilt, we are able to see the situation for what it actually is. When you see that the culprit is not you, but the clutter, you feel motivated to begin asking of each thing, "Do I love and use you, or can I let you go."

See the job, do the job, stay out of the misery.