Discovering What's Valuable

We lose ourselves and the things we actually care about amidst our clutter. Clutter is distracting and debilitating. It causes us to lose touch with what actually matters.

Clutter busting is a way to remind ourselves that we are the most valuable thing in our homes. We rediscover our specialness.

I was working with a client who was standing lost amidst the crap in her living room. She told me she'd been living this way for years. She'd felt too stuck to do anything about it.

I told her that things wouldn't get better for her until she put her happiness above her things. Her peace of mind was of the greatest value. The way to honor that would be by asking of each thing, "Do this thing make me happy now? Do I love it?" It was a way for her to retrain her mind to consider herself.


I'm going on vacation for a week. I look forward to writing the blogs when I get back.