A Curious Look

It's healthy to be curious about the things you've placed in your life.

Do the people you associate with nourish or exhaust you? Do the clothes you wear feel good on your body? How does it feel to sleep on your bed? Do you feel good when you get home? How do you feel after being online? Do you like the food you eat? Do you own books and magazines that you don't read?

When you bring something, someone, or an activity into your life, you do so because you think it's going to make your life a better place to be. Somethings do make you feel good. Others once made you feel good, but not longer do so. While somethings have never served you.

When you look around with curious eyes, you look with openness and without judgement.

You see things for what they really are.

This honesty helps you decide what stays and what goes.

My clients are often surprised by what they discover. Today's client came upon a very fancy tea pot. When I asked her if she enjoyed using it to make tea, she laughed when she realized she doesn't drink tea. 


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