Email Clutter

I was working with a client who confessed she had 15,000 stored emails on her two email accounts. She said that whenever she logged on to her email accounts she felt tired. She said it took away her inspiration to get things done. She said it felt like it was taking up her brain space.

I asked if she would be okay with deleting the emails. Even though the emails were bothering her, she felt some resistance. She said that she would do that only if she went through each email to see if she wanted to keep it or not.

I said that she sounded exhausted suggesting that idea. She would be giving up a tremendous amount of valuable time going through things that according to her made her tired and want to give up.

I said there were great, new and fresh things standing in line to come into her life once she let go of the things that were no longer serving her.

My client thought about it then told me a story about a friend of hers who deleted all her old emails and a week later got a better job at the company she worked for. My client clicked the delete all emails key.