Getting Past Resistance

My client was feeling stuck amidst a stack of her stuff. She said, "It's not easy to clutter bust. I don't like it."

I said it can be difficult letting go of clutter. The pull to hold on to things that are no longer a part of our life but we are emotionally attached to can be very strong. It can feel like an uphill battle. It's often too strong of an emotion for us and we give up and drop the challenge.

I told my client that what we are doing here is breaking that habit. We are going past the initial wave of giving in to the strong feeling.

To break the habit, we can say to ourselves, "Yes, I'm feeling overwhelmed. I feel if I let go of this thing, I will be losing something that seems important to me. I feel like the loss will hurt me. But what will I actually be losing? Is this thing truly a part of my life now? Or was it something that once mattered to me and I'm trying to hang on to an experience that is gone?"