It's Okay to Admit Something is Not for You

My client felt badly about a book she was hanging on to but not reading. Even thought she wasn't reading and enjoying the book, she said that getting rid of the book would be wasteful.

I said that everything you bring into your life, you do it because you think you will love and use it. Sometimes however it turns out something isn't for you. That's normal and it's going to happen. It's okay to admit that it isn't for you and to let it go.

My client said she felt badly about the money she spent on the book.

I said if you hang on to something because you feel badly about the money you spent on the item, you live with the constant reminder that you bought something that you don't like. That's exhausting. The peace of mind comes from admitting it's not for you, and donating it so that someone else can use and enjoy it.

She let the book go.