My Skype client was looking troubled as she sat in front of boxes of books and magazines.

I said it was confusing to consider all the books as a whole. I suggested we go through each book to get a simple and honest look.

She came across a lot of yoga magazines. She was currently a yoga teacher. The magazines used to be a big part of her life when she first started out learning and teaching yoga.  She confessed that she didn't read them anymore, but she said she was afraid to let go of spiritual wisdom.

I said that the yoga magazines were once a big part of her life and served her well at that time. But they were no longer adding to her life. I said it wouldn't diminish the value the magazines once gave her by letting them go. The knowledge she gained from the magazines was now a part of her.

My client looked at the magazines and sighed.

She said the majority of the magazines and books were spiritual in nature. She got them hoping to get more simplicity in her life. But the sheer volume of information was giving her the opposite feeling of being overwhelmed.

She didn't like that feeling and decided to let go of the magazines. She moved on to the books with her new perspective.