My client said, "I feel like my life has been stagnant for a couple of years."

I said that's what the presence of clutter does to our lives. It takes away our energy, inspiration, appreciation and creativity.

She said, "The problem is I don't want to throw anything away."

I said the stagnant influence of the clutter makes it hard to take action. We end up feeling stuck and not wanting to do anything to change things. It almost as if we have been possessed by the clutter. We can't think straight for ourselves.

My client said, "I'm worried that if I let things go, I'll have nothing left."

I said that's a trick of the mind. The presence of all the things that are no longer a part of our lives creates a mental, physical and emotional traffic jam. It makes us think things that aren't true.

I said the truth of the situation is that the clutter in her life was destroying her peace of mind. To feel stagnant means to not feel the flow and vitality of life. It's almost as if a part of us has died. When the clutter goes, you won't be left with nothing. You'll be with the things that you love, that matter to you now.  You'll be reconnected with yourself.

My client felt inspired to begin venturing in to her stuff.