Taking Charge

You get to question the value of the things, people and activities in your life. Are they supporting you and making your life a better place to be or not?

We're not encouraged to take this inventory, so it may seem a little unnatural at first.

But my experience from working with clients is they just needed the permission to take the honest look.

When you clutter bust, you give yourself the power to decide whether something fits in your life now or not. You may see that something, someone, or some activity once fit, or you wanted it to fit but it never did, or that other people said it would be a perfect fit. But if it doesn't support your life now, you get to say no and remove it.

My client this morning told me that she felt, "A great freedom" as she let go of the things that she didn't love or use anymore.

That's the gift you give yourself when you take charge of your stuff.