Kindness in Action

I'll be appearing as the Clutter Buster this Saturday evening on Raising Whitley on the Oprah Winfrey Network. It's a reality show about Kim Whitley, a comic actress raising her adopted son in Los Angeles. It's a good opportunity to watch a clutter bust in action.

In Kim's home, certain areas were piled with things she felt too overwhelmed to deal with. She'd gotten used to living this way. Kim initially resisted venturing into the clogged stuff in her living space.

I explained to her that by kindly approaching those spaces and just considering one thing at a time, she would be able to think clearly enough to make good decisions about what could go.

I often suggest people to be kind to themselves during a clutter bust because it's a magic ingredient to help melt resistance. It allows a person to forgive themselves for getting in the chaotic situation and creates an openness to see the things that are no longer serving them. 

You'll see on the show that Kim agreed to give being kind to herself a try and she was surprised that she could tell what wasn't right in her space.


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