More Notes from Clutter Busts

Here are some more interesting things that happened at this week's clutter busts:

One of my clients was not happy with where she lived. She initially didn't want to let go of any clutter because she didn't want to be relaxed in a space that she wanted to leave. She felt the agitation from her space would inspire her to move.

I said that she needed to be relaxed in order to live in a better place. We lose our clarity when we live amidst clutter. We get anxious and distracted. We lose touch with our inner space. We don't have the intuition and can't tap into our creativity. We lose the means to take good care of ourselves.

When we get rid of clutter we get relief. We get openness. New opportunities have the chance to come to us.


Another client was hanging on to items that his mother had given him over the years that he didn't care for. He loved his mother, but he didn't like the gifts. He told her this, but she kept the gifts coming.

In particular were four pillows his mother had gifted him that he had hidden away in a closet. The sight of the pillows hurt his heart every time he went into the closet for something. But he didn't want to let them go because he felt he would be hurting his mother by doing so.

I said that he was hurting himself by not trying to hurt his mother. And anything that hurts him hurts his mother because she wants him to be happy. Plus a part of him would resent his mother every time he saw the pillows for putting him in that situation.

He couldn't stop his mother from giving him gifts. But I said he didn't need to. He could donate the items and they'd find homes where they would be loved and used.