Freeing Yourself

My phone client told me about a desk in her home that made her uncomfortable.

She had received the desk from a boss she once worked with. She said, "The boss was very hostile to me. I don't know why." The desk was loaded for her with bad associations. But she didn't want to let it go because she told herself it was a good desk.

My client said, "For 25 years I've been staring at the desk all the time, trying to resolve the conflict in my mind.  I think I should get over it. I should just dissconnect myself from this association, and get over it."

I said that she would only end up making herself numb. That was not a healthy way to live her life. Life is feelings. It's experiencing. It's living with an open heart.

I said it's enough to know that the desk was hurting her in the way it was. She was in pain because of the desk. That was enough of a reason to let the desk go.

My client said that she hadn't seen her old boss in over a quarter century, but by keeping the desk, she was still in relationship with her old boss. She said, "I didn't let her go. But I"m letting her go now."

She decided to donate the desk.