More Notes from Clutter Busts

A recent client said, "I really want to change. I really want the Universe to grant me a new set of something. I've been a prisoner here long enough."

I said that she was lucky. It took being deeply frustrated with her clutter situation to get the fuel to want to do something about it.

Rather than decide to cover up the frustration by buying more things, she recognized the hurt for what it was and decided she wanted to change.

She jumped into the clutter bust and gleefully let go of a lot of things she no longer cared for or used.


Another client kept saying that the things in her space were,  "Nice." I'd ask her if she liked or used an item and she would say that it was, "Nice." She said it in a hypnotized, repetitive voice. This went on for a handful of stuff.

Finally I said that she was caught in a loop. She wasn't connected with her actual feelings. "Nice" wasn't saying whether the item supported her in her life or not. That way of seeing her things caused her to live with a lot of stuff that she felt was nice but she didn't use and enjoy.

I asked her to take a breath and get in touch with how she felt. We went back into questioning her things and this time she was able to honestly answer what fit and what didn't. A lot of clutter went.


One of my clients was going through a divorce. At first she was resistant to taking an honest look at the things in her living space.

I said that a divorce is a big clutter bust. It can be scary to let go of something so big. That can make you want to hold on to everything else in your life to give you a sense of stability. You want something to hang on to for security.

But holding on to things that aren't supporting you and that aren't making your life a good place gives you a false feeling of being safe. It's like getting drunk to not feel pain.  Deep down you'll still feel lousy.

What gives you strength is to remove what's no serving you. This allows you to enjoy and get strength from the things that truly matter to you. 

Hearing this gave her the courage to look and see what she could let go of.


Best of luck in your own clutter busting.

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