Peace of Mind

I was working with a client who felt badly that she hadn't been able to clear her space of the clutter. 

I said that it was not about having a clutter free space. It was about the peace of mind that comes from the clutter being out of your life.

It's helps to see the see the deeper reason for clutter busting. You're living with things that are no longer a part of your life. They don't serve you in your life now. Their presence creates a distracting influence in your home. It takes away your clarity. It's agitating. 

As you remove the clutter, you get rid of the irritating influence and you get your clarity back. 

It's like you are removing pests from your home.  

That's why I always ask my clients how they are feeling as they let go of clutter. I want to help them see that they are feeling more peaceful.