Choice Compass

Clutter busting is about taking an honest look at how you feel about the things, people and activities in your life. I like the word honest because you are checking in with yourself to see not how you think the things in your life affect you, but how they actually do affect you. 

It's easy to get used to the things in our lives. We can assume that everything has a place. But my experience is when people are willing to actually ask and see, they are surprised to find that many things they once liked and used no longer fit their life. Or that some things never served them. 

My partner, Julia Mossbridge, is a scientist who has come up with an app that makes it easier to see how you truly feel about life choices. It taps into the body's innate ability to know things. It seems to me it would be helpful in the clutter busting process when you are feeling stuck and not sure what to do about a certain thing, person, or activity in your life. It helps you look deeper, which is what clutter busting is all about. 

I'm not that good at science, so I'll let her explain:

As Brooks has said, for the past 2 years, I’ve been working to create this app to help you tap into your heart’s wisdom. Choice Compass uses your phone’s camera to calculate your heart rhythm, and it compares these heart rhythms as you are concentrating on two possible life choices. It shows the result as a compass needle that points to the choice that your heart reveals as the most joyful one. The way it determines this choice is based on average heart activity data across groups of people as they imagined making positive versus negative choices. 

It will be available for iPhone (4 or 5), and iPad (iOS 6 or later), and in late May for Android phones. Tomorrow, Thursday, April 17, the app will go live in the App Store. That is the day that I could most use your help and support, by purchasing the app and encouraging friends to do so as well. If enough people buy it the first day, it will help to put the app on “hot new” lists in the App Store, increasing the odds that it will do well, and get the notice of other people who could benefit from learning how to trust their intuition.
Based on our beta testing, the app appears to be impressively accurate when it comes to predicting choice types across a cross-section of people. I think it is a tool that will be of benefit to almost everyone as we navigate life and attempt to use every scrap of wisdom that we’ve got!

Here are some ways you can spread the word today:

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·       If you know a journalist, blogger, or other media contact who might be a good fit to talk about the app, please connect them with my publicist, Polly Washburn –

Thank you so much for any support you can offer to help make the app a success and help make the world a more heart-centered place! Please let Brooks know if you have any questions or suggestions for spreading the word.