Guilt as Clutter

My client said, "I have a desire to tackle all the clutter as quickly as possible and this is what tires me out and leads to burnout.  So while I understand and FEEL the urgency of my situation, is there a way to not feel guilt when I think I'm not dealing with it quickly enough?"

I said that feeling of guilt might come up that you're not dealing with it quickly enough. You can't prevent the thought from arising.

But you can notice how powerful it is. Guilt is loud. It changes the blood chemistry. It has a way of taking away momentum. You can be aware of it with some curiosity, as if it's a thing, just like the things that you are going through in your space.

Because the guilt is a thing in the space of you.

Noticing when guilt comes up is part of the clutter bust. When you feel it, you can talk with yourself and say, "Is this true? Am I not doing this quickly enough? Could I be going faster? Or is it that when I try and go faster, I shut down and give up? Maybe it really does that the time it takes. Maybe I need to be gentler with myself in order to complete this process."