Kindly Ruthless

My client said, "I'm well organized, but I have a house full of clutter. People don't see it. But it's there. I have stuff hidden away that distracts me subconsciously. I'm haunted by all this stuff sitting here. I can't relax at night in my bed because of all the crap in my bedroom!"

I said that whatever's no longer a part of our life, no matter how nice it looks, or how well stacked it is, or how much we paid for it, this stuff intrudes into our personal boundaries. It's as if we are being attacked by our stuff. The antidote, the thing we can do for ourselves now, is to be kindly ruthless. We go through our things, one by one and one-pointedly decide, "Am I using and enjoying you in my life, or can I let you go?"

This weekend I encourage you to pick an area of your home that is bothering you. Take an honest look at the things in this room and be kindly ruthless.  See what honestly makes you feel good now and what's no longer a part of your life. You might be surprised at what you discover!

Feel free to share your clutter busting experiences.