Rebuilding yourself

My client asked, "What about items unattended to and unseen? Do they have a negative effect?"

I said that wherever the thing is, in the back of your closet, under your bed, stuck in a filing cabinet, hiding away in a storage locker, if it's no longer serving you, it's going to create a disturbance in your life.

It doesn't matter if you can't see the thing, or you've forgotten about it, it will have a negative effect. There's an unconscious part of you that knows it's there. There's a conscious part of you that senses that something is wrong, but doesn't know what it is. When you have a collection of hidden clutter, you live in a confusing and chaotic environment.

My client felt uncomfortable with this concept. She said, "Should I worry about it?"

I told her, "The way through this is to keep doing exactly what we're doing. Going through things one thing at a time, and questioning each one. It's not like you have to get rid of everything and then you're going to be okay. The truth is, with each piece of clutter you let go of, you get a piece of yourself back. So as you go, you get more clarity and peace of mind back. You're rebuilding yourself with each thing you let go of."

My client said, "I didn't think of it that way. I like that." I told her that I'll keep helping her rebuild herself tomorrow.

I love my work!!!