Saving the Boat

My client's place was filled up with stuff in every room in her home. She told me she would sometimes trip over things.

She said she was good at letting things go, but she found it difficult to actually set aside time to clutter bust.

I said that it could help to think of her home like it's a boat. The boat has a leak and it's filling up with water. If she doesn't take a bucket and start bailing out the water, she will drown. It would take seeing her situation with that kind of seriousness to inspire her to take the time to clutter bust.

I said this because she was drowning amidst her stuff. She had no peace of mind in her space. She couldn't invite people over. Her place was abusive to her. The bleakness of so much unsupportive stuff was making her depressed.

I said that her life was worth saving.  One bucket at a time. Going through one thing at a time and asking, "Is this supporting me, or is this submerging me?"

I told her that with each piece of clutter that she let go of, she would give herself another piece of space in which to breathe and live.

She got the urgency of the situation. She began ruthlessly going through her things. She called her questioning, "The Sinking boat test." She came across some papers from a job she no longer had. She said, "It's not staying in the boat."