Clutter Under the Bed

My client told me that the space under her bed was packed solid. She grimaced. I sensed it was a source of pain for her.

I said she wasn't alone. Most people I've worked with had some sort of storage locker under their bed. It was often things they didn't want to deal with. They had buried the stuff under their bed.  

Even though they didn't see what was under the bed, the stuff had a profoundly negative effect. The things resonated through the mattress and were agitating. The items were not conducive and supportive to a good night's sleep.

My client said she often doesn't sleep well. She sometimes woke up in the middle of the night with a mess of thoughts and had to turn on the TV to distract herself.

I said the disturbance of thoughts came from the presence of the stuff under her bed. It was like having neighbors on the other side of the wall waking her up with a late night noisy party.

She told me about a jewelry box under her bed. It used to belong to her grandmother. Her mom inherited it and then, "dropped this one on me." She was angry. Rather than go through the jewelry box and see if there was anything she liked, she stuffed it under her bed. She buried her resentment towards under mom under the mattress.

I asked my client to get the jewelry box out from under her bed. She took a deep breath and retrieved the box. She set it on a table and had a hard time taking it in. She said she was overwhelmed. I said no wonder she had a hard time sleeping.

She opened the jewelry box. She found a card from her mom. In it her mom made promises to come and visit her. She was estranged from her mom. Her mom wasn't visiting. This made her sad and angry. She decided she didn't want something in her life that constantly made her feel that way and she let it go. That was a powerful release.

Then she began to go through the jewelry piece by piece. I had her ask how each piece made her feel and if she wanted to wear the jewelry. She was able to think clearly and make decisions that supported her.

I said when she was done with the box to not put it back under the bed. Her goal would be to clutter bust everything under that space, and after deciding what stays and what goes, to have nothing under her bed.

I told her this works because I've had many people have report back to me how much better they slept after creating open, flowing space under their bed.