Nothing's Too Sacred to Question

There's nothing too sacred to question about its value in your life.

When you question whether a person's presence supports you, you're not doubting or dismissing their value. You're looking to see how knowing them affects you. You're curious to see how being with this person makes you feel.

If you realize this person is a bright spot in your life, that they make you feel good about yourself, then you feel lucky to know them. The questioning helped you appreciate their presence in your life.

If the looking makes you realize that knowing someone diminishes you and makes you doubt yourself, then you've gained valuable information about a way that you are being hurt. With the insight, you can do something about it to take care of yourself. You can decide if you need to let go of this relationship. Or that maybe you need to talk with the person about how you are feeling.

The questioning helps you take a deeper look into yourself. You're the better for knowing.

The same goes with the stuff and activities in your life.

There's nothing too sacred to escape your questioning.

What's sacred is you. You asking to know the effect of everything in your life so you can take better care of yourself. It's a personal inventory. You're finding out what's helping and what's hurting you. Then you're making decisions based on that information.

I was working with a client recently who was feeling resistant to questioning her stuff. I sensed that a part of her didn't feel it was right.

So I kept it light. I asked about her things in a curious way. I was intrigued to know what she liked and didn't like. I put all the attention on her feelings rather than her things.

She opened up and was able to be honest about her relationship with each thing.

I encourage you to take this look.


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