You Can Only Know Your Own Clutter

You can't know what's clutter for another person. You can only see their situation from your perspective, not theirs.

I've had people ask how they can get a friend, relative, or partner to let go of their clutter.  I've said that they can't. You can't determine what's right for someone other than yourself. What another person does may bother you, but that's your problem, not theirs. 

What I suggest to clients is to focus on what's clutter for them. "What can we focus on that will help you let go and get relief in your life?"

I remember one client angrily focusing on how she thought friends of hers were raising their child incorrectly. Her anger was deep. 

I asked her to take a moment and tell me what was going on inside of her.

She thought about it and realized that she wanted to have a child of her own and she'd been letting her relentless focus on work get in the way of her dream. 

Her anger towards her friends was gone. She was peaceful.

This is the effect of letting go of the true clutter -- not someone else's, but your own.