Clutter and Life

Things are built for action. A book or magazine article was written and published to be read. Music was created to be listened to. Clothes were put together to be worn. A chair was constructed to be sat in. Art was created to be seen. 

When things are no longer appreciated and used, stagnation takes over. It's as if the stuff is depressed. 

When things sit unloved and unused in a closet, storage locker, or out in the open in your home, inertia takes over. That feeling spreads through your living space, spoiling what you do love and care about. 

You do yourself and the things you no longer love and use a favor by letting these things go. This will give them the opportunity to be loved and used by someone else. 


This weekend is the one-year anniversary of my lung transplant. 

A year ago at this time I got my life back. I've been in awe of life everyday since. I have an actual tangible feeling experience of being alive.

It's helped make me a better clutter buster.

Our experience of life is our most valued possession. Clutter distracts us from our life experience. It diminishes the joy of being alive. Nothing that hurts us in this way has any value. 

So I feel more compassion in helping my clients see the pain something causes them, so they get the incentive to let it go and get their life back.