Clutter Busting Workshop this Sunday!

I love doing this workshop because it gives people a chance to actually experience the letting go process.

Participants bring some of their clutter and I help each person let go in front of the group. As that person is going through the clutter bust, I point out to the group, as it's happening, the ways to notice the clutter, and the ways to let the clutter go.

Most of the time, self-help is given out as instructions. We're used to reading the ten steps of how to do something. We feel we did something by reading those steps. We feel like we gained something.

But that isn't action.

We learn best by doing.

That's why I write about client's clutter busting experiences on this blog. I want you to live their experience rather than just give information to store away. Information unused becomes clutter.

The workshops give the experience of letting go. You can feel the energy of action in the air. That energy helps people get through the resistance.

The resistance to clutter is powerful. Most of the resistance is mental and emotional and it's steadfast.

Being in the midst of a supportive group, with the living presence of encouragement, makes the letting go easier.

People take that experience home with them, and the clutter busting becomes a part of their lives.