Fire Put Out

My recent client told me she was feeling anxious about money. She saw herself running out of money and living in a van.

She couldn't see outside the imagination of her fears.

I wanted to help her get her clarity back. Clarity is seeing things for how they actually are. It's the place of sanity.

I said that she was not living in a van. She was at home, sitting in a chair, talking to me. She was actually okay in the moment.

I said it didn't serve her to imagine a horrible future. Anything can happen next. We don't know what's actually going to happen in the next moment. We think we do. We can be certain. But much of the time we're wrong.

I said seeing things for how they are now would make it easier for her to deal with what's happening in her life.

My client felt better. It was like a fire had been put out in her mind.

We began clutter busting a stack of financial papers she hadn't looked at in a few years. She soon discovered two unopened letters that contained checks worth over $1,500. Then she realized she had $10,000 worth of stock which she could cash in if she needed the extra money.

She was ecstatic. 

I joked that she was actually making more money than me that day. She laughed.